3 Restaurant Supplies That Will Make Your Kitchen Safer and Healthier - Shopping

3 Restaurant Supplies That Will Make Your Kitchen Safer and Healthier - Shopping
From The Kitchn - September 14, 2017

In a world that offers seemingly infinite choices in kitchen gear, the streamlined aisles of restaurant supply stores are a haven. I love walking my restaurant supply outlet, with its rows of plain and functional sheet pans, carbon steel skillets, and ladles. This unadorned equipment is designed to be long-lasting and hard-workingand often very cheap!

But a restaurant supply store can also provide another benefit to your kitchen: increased health and safety. Here are three restaurant staples that make my kitchen a safer, healthier place to cook.

1. Disposable Gloves

Restaurant supply stores are a good source for disposable gloves. Food service gloves differ from medical or cleaning gloves in that they are generally powder-free and certified food-safe.

Now, I do not use disposable gloves every time I cook. I mean, who does? But they are so nice to have around for the following various tasks:

Gloves avoid mess and germ cross-contamination. Stripping off gloves and washing my hands after handling a big batch of meatballs gives me extra security that I have not transferred bacteria to my kid's mac and cheese.

Bonus pro tip: The best use of disposable gloves? Carving your Thanksgiving turkey! The gloves help provide a better grip on those slippery poultry parts, and protect your hands as you carve up the beast.

2. Thermometer Probe Wipes

3. Heavy-Duty Sanitizers


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