Hidden Lower Back Pain Causes that Make People Suffer

Hidden Lower Back Pain Causes that Make People Suffer
From Lifehack - September 14, 2017

Ive recently trained a guy that is complaining about back problems. This person is completely young, muscular and mentally fit.

He is not working on a desk the whole time. He works in a job where hes required to stand up. Hes even going to the gym frequently for years. What he truly lacks though is awareness of his own body.

What Really Causes Lower Back Pain

There are multiple causes that could lead to your pain. Your back pain could be caused for example by stress, diet, sitting or lack of physical activity to name a few. But the root cause is often simply a faulty proprioception. People are not aware about their position of their back.

Speaking of the guy in the gym, whenever I told him he should keep a straight back he couldnt do it on his own. I was asking him if his back was straight while doing a certain movement and he told me that he thought it was. But it wasnt.

This person wasnt aware of his own body movements. This may sound strange but this phenomena is all too common. I once spoke with a Salsa dancer, that told me that the teachers struggle a lot to teach their students certain dance movements because the students are basically not aware of themselves.

This faulty self awareness can lead to a constant bending of your back, without you even realizing it. This is extremely damaging for your spine in the long-term. especially if youre training in the gym and lifting a lot of heavy weights with a bended back. Youre damaging your spine over and over again. As said in my previous article, back pain is a cumulative trauma disorder. Back pain develops over time.

I suffered from back pain too. The reason why Im not suffering from back pain anymore, is definitely partly because of bettering my self awareness.

I realized that every time Id work out and do the back squats I would go so deep that my lower back would be slightly bended. I would wake up the next day after my training and would feel pain in my spine. I thought this was a normal part of my leg day routine. I was wrong.

Only later did I realize, during my Certification program, that Im doing that exercise wrong. When a prof came up to me and asked me if Im feeling any pain in my lower back, I was embarrassed but I had to agree.

How To Check Yourself


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