The 6 Things Smart Cooks Always Keep Near the Stove - Tips from The Kitchn

The 6 Things Smart Cooks Always Keep Near the Stove - Tips from The Kitchn
From The Kitchn - September 13, 2017

One of my favorite little kitchen rituals revolves around a small tray that sits next to the stove. Once a week it gets wiped down and all of its contentssalts, oil, and a small bottle of vinegarget refilled. These are the ingredients I reach for regularly, but there are a few other things that I keep next to the stove to ensure weeknight dinners come together quickly and easily without a fuss.

These are the six things every home cook should keep near their stove for better cooking.

1. Salts

Let's get this obvious one out of the way first. You should keep at least two types of salt at the ready next to your stove. One salt that you like for cookinglike kosher or sea saltand another finer salt for seasoning finished dishes or raw saladsthis can be a fine sea salt or a flavored salt.

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2. Cooking oil

This is a bit more of a personal choice. Whether you prefer to cook with vegetable oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, you should keep at least one of your favorite oils nearby. Since repeated exposure to heat can damage some oils, move your oil to a small squirt bottle or cruet and keep just what you will use each week at the ready. Store the rest in the pantry.

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3. Baking soda

Since you should not really keep your kitchen fire extinguisher close to the stovekeep it near a kitchen entrance insteadkeeping a box or can of baking soda handy can be literally lifesaving if you have a small grease fire start. Dump the whole container onto the fire to snuff it out.

4. Pot holders

5. Trivets

6. Thermometers


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