In the Kitchen with Wine Bar Owners Tracy and Jamie Kennard - Meet the Locals: Upstate New York

In the Kitchen with Wine Bar Owners Tracy and Jamie Kennard - Meet the Locals: Upstate New York
From The Kitchn - September 13, 2017

Who: Tracy and Jamie Kennard, owners of wine bar Brunette
Where: Kingston, New York

Tracy and Jamie Kennard are the owners of Brunette, a natural wine bar in downtown Kingston. They have converted the space, a former barber shop, into a sweet and stylish spot where you can nibble on gougres over a glass (or a bottle) of something intriguingorange wine, perhaps?

Interesting wines like these, Tracy tells us, are what the bar has become known for, although there are plenty of other colors to tempt. She also explains that the decision to open Brunette was based on their desire to spend more time upstate. Tracy is a fashion and lifestyle consultant and Jamie is a graphic designer, and both travel back and forth to the city to keep these endeavors running. But they were longing to make the Catskills a more permanent home. And if you were to visit their tiny house, you'd understand why.

Tracy does not think of herself as a collector, but, she says, she's always being told otherwise. In the distance, her husband, Jamie, nods his agreementbut while the term may bring to mind clutter, their rural hideaway is a study in collecting done right. There's just the right amount of stuff, carefully curated and artfully arranged.

Mismatched plates, adorable egg cups, and rose-colored glasses share space in an antique hutch that the couple thought would fit in their kitchen; it did not, so now it holds court in their dining room, which also features pink Eero Saarinen chairs, rescued from the Quiksilver offices where Tracy used to work, and a table that came with the house (for an additional $10).

The couple quickly adds that there was a lot more stuff before they opened Brunette. Tracy's miniature Bonne Maman jam jars? They have been repurposed as flower vases. Still, it's a home that makes this Marie Kondo acolyte want moreand that's saying something.

A Visit with Tracy and Jamie Kennard (& Their Kitchen)

How did you find your kitchen?

We have been in our house a decade. It started as a weekend cottage, but now we live here full-time. We are super-lazy homeowners, so the only "work" we did was to paint the vinyl floors with black porch paint and the cabinets and cupboards white. We have a laundry list of things we'd love to change, but they have been on the list for 10 years.

What's your favorite thing in your kitchen?

I have a ceramic dish filled with chicken wishbones. It might seem morbid, but I love them. They are tiny and delicate and you never know when you might need a wish, right?

Do you have a favorite tool or keepsake?

What's the smartest feature of your kitchen?

Do you have any kitchen habits you think are important?

Who does most of the cooking?

What do you like to cook the most?


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