I Got an Instant Pot, but I'm Still Keeping My Slow Cooker - Kitchn Slow Cooker

I Got an Instant Pot, but I'm Still Keeping My Slow Cooker - Kitchn Slow Cooker
From The Kitchn - September 12, 2017

I love my Instant Pot, I really do. Even as a professional chef, getting one in my home kitchen really was a game-changer. Perfectly cooked, no-soak beans every time! Homemade nutrient-dense bone broth in 45 minutes! Fluffy rice! Homemade yogurt! Perfect hard-boiled eggsfor 20 people!

The list could go on and on, but I will let you in on a little secret: I still love my slow cooker, too. Let me tell you why.

1. It keeps food (and drinks!) warm for parties and holidays.

Whether you want to keep your queso melted for the whole game, ensure that even the last person in line gets piping-hot mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, or guarantee everybody at the neighborhood potluck gets to taste your slammin' homemade sloppy Joe recipe at the perfect temperature, the slow cooker is the tool for the job.

The low setting, which averages around 185F/85C, is high enough to keep food well into the safe temperature zone and low enough to not burn your mouth. That also makes it perfect for hot spiced apple cider as we enter apple season!

2. Size does matter!

Unfortunately, there are just some things that do not fit in the InstantPot, but cozy right into my oval-shaped six-quart slow cooker. From extra-large turkey breasts or beautiful fall-off-the-bone short ribs whose bones are just a tad too long to spiral-cut hams that need warming, the slow cooker has your back.

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3. Some recipes are just better in the slow cooker.

Bobbie Miller, of the online Instant Pot Community, loves her slow cooker caramelized Vidalia onions. It's a set-it-and-forget it way to go from a full pot of freshly chopped, in-season onions to freezable mounds of sweet Vidalia deliciousness. She uses them in everything from soups to quiche and freezes the extra in ice cube trays. She tried to convert her tried-and-true slow cooker recipe for them to the Instant Pot, but it was a no-go.

A similar tale comes from Sheri Baker, who tried to make Kitchn's own slow cooker granola recipe in her Instant Pot. The crunch never arrived, and she ended up finishing it in her slow cooker after all!

4. It makes the house smell like heaven.

5. It has all sorts of crafty, non-food uses.


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