The Meal Kit Delivery Service That Got Me Back into the Kitchen - Meal Kit Magic

The Meal Kit Delivery Service That Got Me Back into the Kitchen - Meal Kit Magic
From The Kitchn - August 29, 2017

In the past, my attitude toward meal kits might best be described as one of superior acceptance. As in: Meal kits? They are great! For other people. I truly believed that whatever got people cooking was a step in the right direction. I just was not interested in trying meal kits for myself.

I was wary of the quality of the ingredients and of the quantity of wastein the form of cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and ice packs. I also did not believe the recipes could be all that good. Surely I could do better on my own?

And then the Great Cooking Rut of 2017 hit.

How I Fell into a Cooking Slump

I am not really sure what caused my cooking slump. Maybe it was my new kitchen, which was not really that new anymore, but still new enough that I was not completely comfortable in it. I kept moving things around and then looking for them in the wrong place.

Maybe it was recipe exhaustion. I was bored of everything I usually cookedor it felt too wintery for these recent summer months. Carrot-ginger soup was great in March, but by May I was so over it.

Or maybe it was just exhaustion, period. I was working long days, and trying to figure out what to make for dinner and when to get groceries felt like two more things I had to donothing to get excited about.

Bottom line, I was in a rut and despite working for a site with ample inspiration, I could not get motivated to cook. Most nights, I ate nuts and cheese and drank winetoo much wine. Lunch was not much better, and my go-to breakfast of homemade cashew milk, which usually felt like drinking a milkshake, even started to get old.

It was time for a changebut what? And how? I decided to give meal kits a chance.

My Meal Kit Experiment

I tried a few different meal kits and, to be honest, some really disappointed. One service, for example, delivered what was essentially a mini-refrigerator to my doorwhich I was to unload and then ship back. I was dumbfounded. I mean, okay, it was kind of cool the way you slid out the trays and unpacked the foods. It reminded me of an airplane food cart, which I have always been a little enamored of. But to ship that huge thing, which I could barely carry into my apartment, seemed like such a waste.

Then my box from Marley Spoon arrived. I was immediately impressed by the design and the packaging. Inside the box there were two paper bags, one for each meal, and anything perishable was packed at the bottom, with a cardboard partition and ice packs. While there was still a fair amount of packaging, it did not feel excessiveat least not more excessive than a food delivery package from Fresh Direct or Amazon.

How I Got Out of My Cooking Slump


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