5 Cozy Cabin Rentals for $100 or Less - Summer Vacation Rental

5 Cozy Cabin Rentals for $100 or Less - Summer Vacation Rental
From The Kitchn - August 13, 2017

At least once a year, I get the urge to sneak away to some cabin in the woods and indulge in my inner Thoreau. The appeal is not hard to understand, what with the constant chorus of pings and beeps and chimes telling us we have mail or a text or maybe someone liked our Instagram! And while yes it is nice that someone (even if it is a complete stranger) thought the bread you baked this morning looked good, it's also exhausting.

I am exhausted just thinking about itare not you? If the answer is yes, then one of these five cozy cabins may be for you. Running the gamut from charmingly barebones to minimalist and modern, they all come in at $100 per night or less.

1. Log Cabin on Lovely Mountain Pond, $79 per night

If you are looking to get away from it all, look no further than this sweet one-room log cabin in Newry, Maine. It's less than a two-hour drive from Portland, but you will feel as if you are completely removed from civilization, with wildlife to keep you company as you sip your coffee by your own private mountain pond.

2. Cozy Log Cabin on Lookout Mountain, $89 per night

Rustic without roughing it is the idea behind this luxe getaway outside Chatanooga, Tennessee. The location on Lookout Mountain gives you easy access to hiking and biking trails, but you are just eight miles from Chatanooga if you are feeling the city life. There's an organic farm on property and you can even get a farm breakfast cooked to order.

3. Water Tower Loft, $100 per night

4. Little House in the Woods, $73 per night

5. Ruedi Creek Gem, $98 per night


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