5 Tips for Making an Organized Grocery List, from Really Busy People - Shopping

5 Tips for Making an Organized Grocery List, from Really Busy People - Shopping
From The Kitchn - August 12, 2017

The main lesson taught in Grocery Shopping 101 is to start with a listotherwise, if you wander the store without a plan, you will get home to find you are missing key ingredients or wind up with just freezer full of ice cream. And ideally that list is organized by rowor at least by sectionsso you do not have to zig and zag all around the store because you wrote down zucchini and then milk and then onions.

"Life is busy, though!" you might opine. How in the world are you supposed to find time to make a grocery list that's any more organized than a bunch of chicken scratch on a Post-It? We asked these smartand extremely busy people to give us their tips.

1. Always start with the same basic list.

"When you have kids, you learn that they'd rather eat the same things over and over, so a lot of what I buy at the grocery store is the same week after weekwe always need apples and cheese sticks," says Jamie Jeffers, blogger at Medium Sized Family and mom to five kids. She typed up a standard grocery list that she prints off each week, adding anything seasonal or special that she might need to the end. You can also do this as a simple note in your phone, which brings us to the next tip.

2. Use your phonewithout downloading any extra apps.

Apps are great and all, but sometimes the basics on a smartphone can be all you need. Brittany Arnold, a CEO and mom of three, simply texts herself when she notices something is running low at home and checks her text log when she gets to the store. She also uses the camera function on her phone: "We take pictures of recipes that we want to make, with the ingredient list right there," she says. If you are too busy to take a full inventory of the fridge, you could also snap a photo of its contents on your way out the door, and glance at it when you need to know what might be low when you get to the store.

3. Share your list.

4. Do not just use any piece of paper.

5. Let the internet make your list for you.


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