How to Keep Your Podcasts Synced Between Devices

How to Keep Your Podcasts Synced Between Devices
From Lifehacker - August 7, 2017

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Dear Lifehacker:

As a user of both Android and iOS, is there a way to have my podcast feed synced between both iOS and Android and be able to just start listening where I left off on either device?I think Stitcher might be the only option for this, but having Amazon Echo as well, it would be nice to ask my Echo to play where I left off as well.

Thanks for the great work and any help you can provide!


Dear Darrell:

Hi, Darrell! As an avid podcast listener and owner of both iOS and Android devices, I feel your pain. Starting your favorite podcast on one device and finishing it up on another shouldnt feel like rocket science. And while Ive got a Google Home, I also use my voice assistant to play the latest episodes of my favorite shows. Heres how you can, too.

Try Pocket Casts for Cross-Platform Syncing

Some podcast apps allow you to listen on either iOS or Android, as well as the web. Luckily, you can easily sync your podcasts between the two mobile operating systems if you use the right app. There arent many options to choose from, but youve already named one. Stitcher is indeed useful for multi-platform listening, and syncs your podcasts and listening position across devices.

That being said, I find podcast app Pocket Casts more user-friendly and reliable than Stitcher. The cross-platform app can sync your podcasts between your iOS and Android devices, supports controls via Android Wear and Apple Watch wearables, and even offers a web-friendly experience (after a one-time $9 fee).

Whats more, you can schedule your podcast updates to happen either over WiFi or overnight, adjust playback speed, and build your own playlists either manually or using filters. Unfortunately, while it supports playback via Google Home, theres no support for Amazon Echo yet.

Podcast Listening via Voice Assistants

Bluetooth Is Always an Option (Unless its Not)


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