How Grocery Shopping Is My Own Little Feminist Act - My Healthy

How Grocery Shopping Is My Own Little Feminist Act - My Healthy
From The Kitchn - July 16, 2017

I am a proud feminist, and I also love to cook. Even more, I love to grocery shop. Picking out a recipe and then hitting the supermarket to put the necessary ingredients into my basket is a small thrill for me during what I'd describe as a bleak time, politically. Of course, just walking into a grocery store to go shopping or stepping into the kitchen to cook can feel like trading in your values and beliefs for age-old gender norms.

Sometimes, I get so giddy in the grocery store that I feel like a feminist failure. Am I doing this wrong? Is it possible to smash the patriarchy with one hand and pick out a package of chicken breasts with the other?

I like to think that the answer is yes.

In a world where women are regularly and systematically stripped of our right to make choices and control our own lives, grocery shopping can be an act of feminism. At least it is for me.

Food and Feminism

You might be wondering what exactly food has to do with feminism. When people think of feminism, dozens of important issues come to mind, including reproductive rights, the gender pay gap, intimate partner violence, paid leave, and more. Food and the behaviors around it rarely make the list.

It's true that women and food have a bit of a sordid history, mainly because for decades the pairing of women and food has centered around dieting and domesticityboth of which have been used to control women and make us subservient to the ideals of men.

But food quite literally gives us life, and in the case of women, it can also give us power. No, cooking and grocery shopping are not going to close the pay gap or improve our access to reproductive healthcare. Of course not. However, at a time when it feels like our rights are being attacked on a regular basis, choosing what to nourish our bodies with is a small but important way to exercise self-care.

How Grocery Shopping Is My Own Feminist Act


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