5 Tips for Cooking with Cast Iron on the Grill - Tips from The Kitchn

5 Tips for Cooking with Cast Iron on the Grill - Tips from The Kitchn
From The Kitchn - June 5, 2017

Cast iron pans were designed for cooking over an open fire, so it only makes sense that we should throw them on the grill from time to time too. Look, I understand there's some romanticism to the idea of cooking everything directly on the grill once it is hot and ready, but there are a few times when busting out your cast iron comrade will make your grilling better.

Here are five ways cast iron makes grilling better, plus three tips for cooking with cast iron on the grill.

What to Know About Grilling & Cast Iron Pans

Anything you can cook on the stove in cast iron, you can cook on the grill. Remember this when you are trying to figure out cooking a side dish inside while preparing chicken on the grill. If you can cook it in cast iron inside on the stove or in the oven, you can absolutely cook it outside on the grill too.

Pro tip: Think of direct heat as a high heat on the stove and indirect heat as medium heat and adjust your skillet's position as needed to maintain the appropriate heat.

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1. Cast iron lets you bake on the grill.

Because of its ability to retain heat evenly, cast iron is the best vessel for baking on the grill. Quick breads, biscuits, pizza, and simple cakes bake best incast iron skillets, as they have a relatively short baking time. Use a Dutch oven to bake heartier bread, like no-knead, and be sure to preheat the Dutch oven before baking in it.

Pro tip: Add an oven thermometer inside the lid of your gas grill to get a gauge on temperatures for baking. A simple surface thermometer can be used to estimate the temperature of cast iron pans on your charcoal grill.

2. A cast iron pan on the grill keeps smaller foods tidy.

3. Cast iron on the grill gives an excellent sear.

Pro tip: Do not leave an empty pan on the grill too long or you can ruin the pan's seasoning.

4. You can put your cast iron right into the charcoal.

5. Cast iron pans turn your grill into a smoker.


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