The Wedding Registry Gifts We Still Use 10 Years Later - Life in the Kitchen

The Wedding Registry Gifts We Still Use 10 Years Later - Life in the Kitchen
From The Kitchn - May 12, 2017

When my husband and I got married, we set up a gift registry, as people do, and filled it with things we thought we'd want for our new life together. At the time, neither one of us had a well-stocked kitchen, so we started from scratch. We looked at what our parents had in the kitchen, we pulled must-have lists out of magazines (well, I did anyway), and then we let our whims guide the scanner around the store. Friends and family were generous, for which I am still grateful.

It's been almost 11 years now, and over the past decade we have put that registry list to the test. Some of our picks for the kitchen still get used every single day, while others have long been discarded or donated. Here are the five things we'd register for again in a heartbeat (with some tweaks), those we would not, and what we wish we'd included.

The 5 Kitchen Registry Gifts We Still Use Today

1. Dishes

A few sets of dishesat least 8, preferably 12in a pattern or color you love are one of the most important things you can register for. We registered for at least 10 settings of Fiestaware, in all colors, and these are still the dishes we use today.

If I am being totally honest, I have outgrown the bright colors, and if I were to register for dishes today, I would definitely opt for an all-white collection. But I still appreciate my Fiesta and how well it's held up all these years. After countless meals and dishwasher cycles, not to mention at least five major apartment moves across both city and state lines, I still have almost every piece I started out with.

What I'd do differently if I registered today: Tastes change, so I would tell my younger self to pick a set of white, open-stock dishes (like Crate & Barrel's Aspen collection) and leave the bright colors for linens and the occasional bowl.

2. Flatware

We did not know anything about flatware when we registered for it, and ended up registering for and receiving eight Gourmet Settings flatware sets from Target. That set is also what we still use today. The flatware itself is far from perfect, but the idea holds: Register for silverware! Be smarter than me and pick a really great set that you will both use for years and love. (I am only hitting the former.)

What I'd do differently if I registered today: I'd research flatware more extensively before picking a pattern, make sure to test how the different pieces fit and feel in my hand, and then I'd register for at least 12 settings. (Eight is not enough if you plan to do any entertaining.) Specifically, if I were to register for flatware today, I'd register for the Old Denmark setting from Yamazaki. It took years, but we think we have finally found our perfect set. Ah, if only we knew then what we know now.

3. Basic cookware set

This one is cheating a little bit, because we actually never registered for cookware. Someone gave us a 12-piece set of Wolfgang Puck's Caf Collection cookware as a wedding present before we could pick out anything else, and that was just fine by us at the time. (Remember, we were not avid cooks yet, and so did not have any "ideal" in mind.) But here we are, 10 years later, and we still use those pots and pans, supplemented now by a few All-Clad, Lodge, and de Buyer pieces.

They might not be the fanciest pots and pans, but they have done a good job, and I am grateful for all the meals we have gotten out of them.

4. Crystal wine glasses

5. Mini food processor

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